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Short Sales

A short sale is the sale of a property when the amount owed is greater than the amount of the current property value.  Lenders will typically  accept the conditions of a short sale rather than taking the property through the costly foreclosure process; clearly a viable option to foreclosure.

Benefits of a Short Sale

  1. A Future Loan, on a future home purchase is a real option;  FHA, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac have made big changes to support consumers that have a short sale on their credit and it can be as short as two years.
  2. Credit Scores with a short sale may drop by as little as 60-70 points;  a foreclosure can reduce your credit score by 200-300 points, and can remain on your credit report for five to seven years.
  3. Cash Incentives – Yes, lenders are now providing cash incentives to home owners that can range from $2500 – $30,000 at closing.
  4. Lien Holders agree to accept terms in order for the short sale to go through; a foreclosure may not satisfy the 2nd lien holder and will continue to carry a balance that you will still owe.

 Lenders Preferred Choice

The simple fact is that lenders prefer short sales rather than to foreclose because it is less expensive, bottom-line.

  Short Sale Qualified

  1. You owe more than the home is worth (current value).
  2. Personal hardship that is preventing you from making mortgage payment. (see examples)
  3. You simply need to sell your home.
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